Color Studio

We’re no ordinary color house.

Our Color Studio’s specialty is blending colors and additives to meet our customer’s specific needs. 

Clark Deco knows the chemistry and behavior of wood coatings. Our extensive product line and experience provide a large range of solutions to meet our customer’s specific needs. 

The right blend and color every time – Clark Deco Color Studio strives to ensure your application is successful!




A wide range of technical capabilities is available to help you achieve premium colors and additive blends.  We also offer an assortment of packaging options to meet your needs. The Color Studio’s unique combination of capabilities means that you can rely on our high standards of quality, consistency and performance.

Customer Service 
We’re not a one-size-fits-all producer of color.  We know that the product must be tailored to the customer’s needs, and we’re focused on meeting your needs. Our sterling reputation for technical service is built on:

  • Expert knowledge of color/appearance and functional additives.
  • Precise and consistent batch-to-batch color.
  • Custom colors and innovative special effects.
  • Quick turnaround 

Color Capabilities

Clark Deco Color Studio knows color and color theory.  We are able to apply that knowledge, as well as fundamental understanding of the causes of color variation, from raw materials to testing — to our quality control methods. No matter what the needs— customers receive consistent color, time after time, batch after batch.

Color plays an important part of designer a dream project.  To make the design process easier we have introduced our custom paint match program, where we can offer opaque color matching from just about anything.  Our “color eye” (spectrophotometer) works very much like it would at a local paint supplier.  If you have a solid color you want, we can match it!  The colors are limitless.